A Helping Hand for Olympians in Need
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It takes sacrifice, discipline, and hard work to win a spot on the United States Olympic Team. If you can make the Team, chances are you can make it through many of life's toughest moments. Sometimes even the most iron-willed are overwhelmed.

That's why in 1999 athletes like you established the Olympians for Olympians Relief Fund. The Fund provides monetary assistance to Olympians who have exhausted their reserves --physically, financially, and otherwise -- in attempting to recover from accidents, natural disasters, long-term illnesses, or injuries.


If you are an Olympian or know of an Olympian in need please go to the Contact Us page or Grant Process page. Please provide as much information as possible.

If you would like to help your fellow Olympians regain their dignity, independence, and financial stability, take a moment to make out a tax deductible donation and mail it to the address listed on the Contact Us page. You will receive an acknowledgement letter.

Keep the flame alive. Its not just every four years, it's everyday.